Letter to the Editor: No on Thompson

As a female voter in the upcoming midterm elections, I was appalled after watching the Wichita Eagle/KPTS debate between Rep. Ron Estes and James Thompson.

What did we learn about James Thompson in the first few minutes of the debate? He enjoys punching drunk people, if they punch first, and he’s ready to fight, fight, fight against those in Congress. This is the professional, diplomatic statesman the Kansas Democratic Party would send to represent us? Someone who, unlike the vast majority, couldn’t manage as a bar bouncer without battery charges, dismissed or otherwise.

What’s worse, only a lumbering, out-of-touch dinosaur like the Kansas Democratic Party would lend their support to a candidate with a public record accusing him of slapping a woman when his only defense is that she lied about it because she was mad at him. Or was it that she mistook him for someone else? I honestly couldn’t tell.

Yes, Mr. Thompson, this information is relevant and demonstrates basic unfitness for public office. What’s more, we shouldn’t be hearing about this from the opposition; the Democrats completely failed to vet this candidate, embarrassing Kansas yet again by offering voters absolutely no choice at all.