Changing the Culture of Washington

The insiders run too much in Washington. One of the biggest problems in Washington is the revolving door between Congress and the lobbying industry. Congressional votes should be based on the best interests of their districts and the nation, not on lining up a high paying lobbyist job. I support legislation that would prevent a former member of Congress from working as a lobbyist for five years following the completion of their term. This five-year ban would help shut the revolving door and lessen the influence of special interests in Washington. Also, I oppose special perks for members of Congress, which is why I support legislation that would require Congress to live by the same rules as the American people.

Economic Growth

The 4th district has felt the pain inflicted by the Obama administration on our economy. Manufacturing jobs have disappeared and millions of Americans and many Kansans have left the labor force. As an engineer in the private sector, working in the aerospace industry and as former Sedgwick County Treasurer, I have seen firsthand what it takes to create jobs and the problems that occur when government gets in the way. I am committed to fighting to roll back the burdensome regulations and out of control spending that keep the economy from reaching its full potential. I will work for common-sense solutions that prioritize the American people over government red tape.

Growing up on my family’s farm that has been in operation for over 100 years, I’ve seen firsthand the effects of onerous government regulations on farmers. I will fight the intrusive arm of the EPA and other agencies. I will support free and fair trade so that Kansas farmers can continue to feed the world. I will work to put an end to burdensome tax policies that harm our family farms.

National Security

ISIS and Iran have been emboldened by the disastrous foreign policies of President Obama. Those who wish to do us harm have grown stronger as the Middle East continues to unravel. For the past eight years, the Obama administration has turned its back on our strongest ally in the region, Israel. The United States must play a leadership role in taking the fight to ISIS and exit the disastrous Iran deal. In addition, we must have better safeguards in place to prevent radical Islamic terrorists from gaining entry to our nation.

For decades, Washington insiders have ignored the realities on our Southern border. This is unacceptable. The American people are not safe when we do not know who is entering and leaving our country. Securing the border must be our first priority. Our immigration process must deter criminals and terrorists from entering illegally while providing a fair, efficient process for law abiding individuals wishing to pursue the American dream.

Health Care

Obamacare has failed our nation. Promise after promise has been broken. Democratic leaders promised us we could keep our health insurance plans. This was not true. We were told that Obamacare would lower premiums. Instead premiums and deductibles have skyrocketed. Skyrocketing premiums force families to choose between necessities or health care. That is wrong. Obamacare must be repealed. Families and individuals in the 4th district should be the primary voice in making their healthcare decisions, not unelected Washington bureaucrats. I support replacing Obamacare with a state based free market solution that gives each of us greater authority over our health care decisions.

​​Defend Constitutional Rights and Religious Liberties

I will never support the Federal Government​ taking power further away from We the People. From our second amendment rights, to the education of our children, to our right to worship as we choose, our liberties must be protected from those who would use power to tell us what to believe and how we educate our children.

​I believe that every human being has an inalienable right to life. I am proudly pro-life, and as your Congressman, I will lead the fight to protect the unborn. One of my top priorities will be to defund Planned Parenthood. American taxpayers should not be forced to fund organizations that perform abortions.


Individuals in the private sector grow the economy, not the government. A simplified, fairer, flatter tax code free of ad-hoc deductions and tax breaks will relieve the burden placed on American families and reign in the power of the IRS bureaucracy. Rolling back this authority and reforming our tax code will transfer power from the IRS bureaucrats back to the taxpayers.

2nd Amendment

The 2nd Amendment is a cornerstone of our Bill of Rights. I firmly believe that every law-abiding citizen has a right to defend themselves, their family, and their property. I will fight against efforts in Washington to take away these rights. I am a proud NRA member, and as your Congressman, I will support the rights of gun owners, sportsmen, and hunters.

​​Balanced Budget

Families in the 4th district know they have to balance their budgets. Business owners understand they won’t be in business long without a balanced budget. The federal government should not play by a different set of rules. I support a balanced budget amendment that will force the federal government to get its financial house in order.