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Ron’s Reads 6/4

Friend, Last week was busy with discussions and debates about the Fiscal Responsibility Act. As a fiscal conservative, I share many of your concerns with Washington’s reckless spending. The bill that we voted on certainly didn’t go as far as you or I would like, but it was a positive step, and we accomplished it

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Ron’s Reads 5/21

Friend, I hope you are enjoying this spring Sunday morning. As usual, I’ve included recent articles and opinions for you to review to help keep you informed. The House – with our Republican majority – has been busy pushing back against the Biden administration with conservative, common sense legislation. We’ve also been holding hearings and

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Ron’s Reads 5/14

Friend, Good morning, and Happy Mother’s Day! I hope today you are able to spend time or talk with the women in your life who have loved and supported you, or be comforted by the memories of those who are no longer with us. Today I’ve collected a number of articles and opinions that I

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