Made in Kansas

Kansas manufacturing is a major industry with more than 2,500 manufacturing firms throughout the state. Whether it’s aerospace, machinery, ag equipment or vehicle parts, there’s so much that is made right here in Kansas.

As our nation recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic, we must work to rebuild our economy by bringing our manufacturing jobs back home, pursuing more free and fair trade deals like the USMCA, and ensuring that food, critical medicine and protective equipment are made here in the United States.

I recently launched a new ad that outlines how important it is to support manufacturing in Kansas – by Kansans.

Watch the ad here.

If we want our country to thrive and to increase Kansas manufacturing, we’ve got to vote for pro-growth candidates at all levels.

Our country was experiencing unprecedented growth before the pandemic, and I’ve worked hard in our nation’s capital for more than three years to deliver results to Kansans. I know that together, we can defeat the virus and create a healthy economy with even more Kansas manufacturing.