Ron’s Reads 1/21


As usual, below are recent news and opinion articles from around the country. I hope you enjoy the rest of your Sunday, and thanks for staying informed.

A few reads to recap the week…

Millions of Illegal Aliens Are Costing Taxpayers Hundreds of Billions. Biden Couldn’t Care Less.
The Daily Signal

EXCLUSIVE: Fulton County Commissioner Requests Fani Willis Produce Info On Alleged ‘Misuse’ Of County Funds
The Daily Caller

DOJ Finally Confirms Hunter’s Laptop Is Real but the Timeline Is Telling

Since Dobbs Ruling, Pro-Life Laws Are Reducing Number of Abortions, Data Shows
The Daily Signal

3 Big Covid Whoppers Fauci Confessed To Congress This Week
The Federalist

NYC imposes curfew on migrants after residents complain about ‘invasion,’ door-to-door begging
Blaze Media

Questions Arise on How Chinese Billionaire Secretly Became Second-Largest Foreign Owner of U.S. Land

Argentina President Javier Milei urges Davos elite to reject socialism

‘No one knew what to do’: Teslas abandoned and towed after heading to frozen charging station
Blaze Media

Gates Foundation Will Donate $8.6 Billion in 2024, Including Millions to Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz

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