Ron’s Reads 10/15


The world is still shocked and devastated by the barbaric attacks by Hamas on Israel. This week I’ve included a few articles on the subject, as well as the crisis at the southern border and others.

I’ll be heading back to Washington this week where we’ll hopefully elect a Speaker of the House. On Friday I voted for Jim Jordan – we need a conservative leader as Speaker so we can reopen the House, cut wasteful government spending, tackle our $33 trillion debt, lower the cost of groceries, secure our southern border, support our ally Israel and restore energy independence.

A few reads to recap the week…

How and Why Hamas Carried Out ‘Savage Rampage’ Against Israel
The Daily Signal

Slavery poisons solar industry’s supply chains
The Washington Times

Kansas Gov. Kelly Cut Voting Rule Deal With Left-Wing Groups
The Daily Signal

ICE admits record 5.7 million migrants in US — Biden wants to provide ‘medical services, housing’ to all
New York Post

Iran’s Role in Hamas’ Attack on Israel
The Daily Signal

Biden Admin Has Issued Lowest Amount Of Offshore Oil Permits In Almost 20 Years
The Daily Caller

Victor Davis Hanson: The Left’s Lies Paint an Alternate Reality
The Daily Signal

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