Ron’s Reads 10/29


I’m very grateful that this week we elected a strong, conservative, common sense leader for Speaker of the House – Mike Johnson. As you’ll read in the articles below, our nation and our world face numerous challenges. Speaker Johnson is the right man for the job at this critical tipping point in our country.

A few reads to recap the week…

Biden Admin Finally Discloses Disturbing Border Numbers
The Federalist

‘A Failed Presidency’: Mike Johnson Says He ‘Can’t’ Name One Successful Biden Policy As US Enters ‘Dangerous Time’
The Daily Caller

Vanishing act: DHS admits that 40% of catch-and-release migrants disappeared
Washington Times

Russia hosts Hamas and Iran for Moscow meetings
Washington Examiner

INDOPACOM: Chinese Fighter Comes 10 Feet from B-52 in ‘Unsafe’ Nighttime Intercept
Air & Space Forces Magazine

Russia says it rehearsed delivering a massive retaliatory nuclear strike

Biden FAA Pushing Diversity Hiring As Air Traffic Control System Falls Into Total Disarray
The Daily Caller

The U.S. Gov’t Hired A Pro-Hamas PLO Spokeswoman To Handle Asylum Claims
The Daily Wire

I’m thankful to have you on my team as I work to defend our constitutional liberties and bring common sense policies back to our nation’s capital.

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Onward to Victory,
Ron Estes