Ron’s Reads 4/30


Good morning, and I hope you’re enjoying your Sunday. There are a lot of interesting articles this week, including pieces about the tragedy at our southern border, Biden’s avoidance of the press and a hospital’s policy to discuss transgender procedures with minors under 10.

Each week I send this recap of news and opinions you might have missed. I hope you find it helpful and it prepares you for the week ahead.


Texas Border Security Rally Highlights Fentanyl, Illegal Alien Deaths

Daily Signal


Iranian commandos seen landing on US-bound tanker in new video

Fox News


Samuel Alito Says He Has A ‘Pretty Good Idea’ Who Leaked The Dobbs Opinion

Daily Caller


Biden cheat sheet shows he had advance knowledge of journalist’s question

New York Post


Hidin’ Biden: POTUS Holds Fewest Press Conferences Of Any President In 40 Years

Daily Wire


Biden Tells Kids: ‘I Take More Orders Than I Ever Did’ as POTUS

Todd Starnes


EXCLUSIVE: Children’s Hospital Offers Consultations On Transgender Treatments To Kids Younger Than 10

Daily Caller


‘There’s no such thing as someone else’s child!’ Biden faces fierce backlash over bizarre claim: ‘Our nation’s children are all our children!’

The Blaze

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