Ron’s Reads 8/27


It’s hard to believe it is the last weekend of August. Students have returned to school throughout the state and many families are returning to their regular routine. As you are closing out the month, here are the usual articles and opinions I send each week.

As usual, there are a number of other articles and opinions about happenings across the country and around the world.

A few reads to recap the week…

Busing Illegal Immigrants to Blue America Is Working: Democrats Deserve Blame for Biden’s Border Crisis
The Daily Signal

EVs are running out of customers — and some dealers don’t want them anymore
Business Insider

CCP Funding In Public School Systems Is A Pervasive Threat, New Report Finds
The Federalist

Court Lets State Protect Kids From Transgender ‘Care,’ Making Key Point About Evidence
The Daily Signal

Biden admin’s latest home appliance crackdown: ceiling fans
Fox Business

Pentagon Set to Allow Calculator Use on Military Entrance Exam as Recruiting Slumps

Biden Compares Maui Wildfires to Almost Losing His ’67 Corvette
The Daily Signal

ChatGPT riddled with ‘significant and systematic’ left-wing bias, new study reveals

Biden Administration Withholds Funding for Hunting, Archery Programs in the Nation’s Schools
American Hunter

If Biden declares climate emergency, experts worry how wide the scope of his powers would be
Just the News

Jen Psaki Is Wrong That ‘No One’ Supports Abortion Until Birth
The Federalist

COVID Mask Mandates Return
The Epoch Times

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