Ron’s Reads 11/12


I hope you were able to honor our veterans this weekend by attending a Veterans Day event, stopping by the gravesite of a fallen hero, or simply giving thanks to God for the men and women who have donned the uniform in service to our country.

As usual, I’ve included a number of articles and opinions about what’s happening in our country and our world. On this Sunday, I’ve also included a special article about something Speaker Mike Johnson recently talked about in an interview – his favorite passage of scripture.

I hope you find these articles helpful as you start your week. Thank you for staying informed.

A few reads to recap the week…

This Is House Speaker Mike Johnson’s Favorite Bible Passage
The Daily Signal

Credit card balances spiked in the third quarter to a $1.08 trillion record. Here’s how we got here

David Weiss Gives More Conflicting Testimony About His Authority To Charge Hunter Biden
The Federalist

IRS Targets Conservative Group Exposing the Biden Admin
The Daily Signal

Pro-Palestinian crowds try to storm air base housing U.S. troops in Turkey

FBI, DOJ Refuse To Call Covenant School Shooting An Anti-White Hate Crime Even After Racist Manifesto Is Leaked
The Federalist

Judges Have No Legal Authority to Bar Trump From 2024 Ballots
The Daily Signal

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Onward to Victory,
Ron Estes