Ron’s Reads 11/26


I hope you are staying safe and warm on this cold Kansas day following the Thanksgiving holiday. Below are some articles and opinions from the past two weeks.

A few reads to recap the week…

I Watched Raw Footage From Hamas Attack on Israel. It Was the Most Graphic Thing I Have Ever Seen.
The Daily Signal

The Biden Administration Is Profiting From Another Solyndra
The Federalist

Another Government Agency Secretly Plans to Follow Biden’s Election Executive Order
The Daily Signal

Feds Gave $1M To AI Startup Blacklisting Companies Spreading ‘Disinformation’
The Federalist

Biden FCC Moves to Put New DEI Controls Over Internet

House Intel Committee Chairman: Terrorist Threat To U.S. Highest It’s Been In Over A Decade
The Daily Wire

How Dark-Money Megadonor George Soros Hides Behind ‘Democracy’ PACs To Sabotage It
The Federalist

GOP Report: Illegal Aliens at Southern Border Under Biden Far Exceed Annual U.S. Births

‘We are butchering children’: Academics unite against ‘medical transitioning’ of kids
The College Fix

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