Ron’s Reads 9/10


Tomorrow is another day of remembrance after the terrorist attacks on American soil 22 years ago. They took innocent lives and destroyed landmarks, but they did not diminish our American spirit and resolve.

Like last year, I’ve included an article with a firsthand account from someone on that day. Below you’ll also find a number of articles and commentary on other issues we face today.

A few reads to recap the week…

Reflections on Calm Before Storm of 9/11—and Peace of Providence After
The Daily Signal

NYC Announces Budget Cuts After Mayor Says Migrant Crisis ‘Will Destroy’ Big Apple
The Daily Caller

JOSH HAMMER: Biden Can’t Gaslight Struggling Americans Into Thinking His Economy Is Good
The Daily Caller

Petty Covid Tyrants Want To Bring Back Masks And Lockdowns. Don’t Let Them
The Federalist

California Passes Bill Requiring Parents to Affirm Kids’ Gender ‘Transitions’
The Daily Signal

National Archives Misses Deadline to Turn Over Biden Pseudonym Emails He Used for Illicit Business Deals with Foreign Officials
The Gateway Pundit

Georgia Won Big Victory in Election Reform Court Battle Against Left
The Daily Signal

Biden-Appointed Judge Rules Religious Parents Can’t Opt Kids Out Of Pro-LGBT School Lessons
The Federalist

Biden: ‘I Haven’t Had the Occasion to Go to East Palestine’

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